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Maurizio Colombi


Actor, opera singer, author and director, Maurizio Colombi is an all round artist. His career begins in Milan alongside Piero Mazzarella and Rino Salveri. He graduates in music and violin from “Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado”.

Colombi has so far played in over 70 roles in both prose and musical theatre. He has written and directed over 38 theatrical productions to this day. Artistic director for the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin, Colombi is also artistic director to 6 among the most renowned theme parks in Italy: Aquapark, Le Caravelle; Edenlandia, Aqualand, Mirabilandia and Leolandia.

In the early 90’s he moves to France to work side by side with French director Edmond Lumet and to direct “Strade” a Fellini-inspired musical show.

He then devises and coordinates “Lezioni di Dialetto”, a cross theatrical project directed by Piero Mazzarella on local dialects.

In 2005 Colombi founds Teatro delle Erbe Produzioni, a multifunctional theatrical services centre comprising set and technical design, audio and light design as well as rehearsal halls.

In 2006 Colombi directs “Peter Pan il Musical”. This not only marks the beginning of his successful career as director of popular musical shows, it also paves the way for a long series of best selling and widely acclaimed musicals of the likes of “We Will Rock you” (2009), “Rapunzel” (2014) staring Lorella Cuccarini, also the star of “La regina di Ghiaccio”(2016), “Vorrei la pelle nera” (2015), “Elvis a historical musical” (2017), “Aladin il musical geniale” and, at last “Pinocchio Reloaded – musical di un burattino senza fili” (2019).

Colombi also remarkably contributes to the Italian comedy scene. In 2008 he directs the Italian version of Rob Becker’s “Caveman”, a classic by now on the Italian scene.

Davide Magnabosco


Born in 1980 in Desio, Davide Magnabosco graduated in piano from the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Como and in Electronic Music Composition from the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan. 

In the late 90’s he performed as classical pianist in a number of concerts and partook in several classical piano contests with very worthy results. In the coming years Davide attended the prestigious “Accademia del Teatro Alla Scala” of Milan performing as pianist in the program “700 il gran teatro del mondo”. 

2005 marks the beginning of his career in musical theatre, at first as pianist, then as music director, hence as conductor. His contribution has so far gone to “The Producers” (Compagnia della Rancia, directed by SaverioMarconi), “Peter Pan il Musical” (with over 800 curtain calls, directed by Maurizio Colombi), “We Will Rock You” (with supervision by Queen), “Elvis The Musical” (Italian and international Tour).

In terms of further international projects, the music direction and arrangements to “Peter Pan the Musical” at the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman are his. Magniabosco toured as pianist in Paolo Barillari’s “Europa Che Passione!” European Tour in the major capitals of the Continent.

He has arranged and composed for major musical theatre productions, among which “Rapunzel”, “La Regina di Giaccio”, both starring Lorella Cuccarini and “Aladin Il Musical Geniale”, the three directed by Maurizio Colombi.

Since 2011 he has been playing in and leading the band providing live music to “Caveman”, the one man show which has become a modern national blockbuster by and with Maurizio Colombi.

Davide also composes musical scores for cinema, TV series and advertisements.

Betty Style

BETTY STYLE – Urban Style Choreographer

Talent, nerve and charisma stand out from miles away in Elisabetta di Carli, better known as Betty Style. 

She has worked side by side with some of the most relevant artists on the international scene: from Ludacris to B-Real, from Articolo 31 to Tony Touch, CeCe Rogers, Baby K, Pharrell Williams and Ruff Ryders just to mention a few.

A superb Italian dancer, the most renowned worldwide, female hip hop dance icon, Betty studies and trains in Italy to begin with and then defines her style and technique in New York and Los Angeles.

She has worked for the most successful TV shows, among which Domenica In, Sanremo, Top of the pops, Video Music Awards, Vibe Awards, MTV Spit, Forte Forte Forte. She danced and acted in the internationally produced movie “Street Dance 2 3D” as di Bam Bam, the only Italian member of the principal crew, as well as “Balla con Noi” as Betty.

As of now, Betty works as dancer, choreographer, jury member in national and international dance competitions, actress, alternative model, coach and personal trainer.

Filippo Grande

FILIPPO GRANDE – Choreographer

A dancer and dance lover since childhood, Filippo studies and trains in dance until, in 2008, he debuts as professional dancer in several RAI and Mediaset TV shows as well as for theatre companies in Italy and in the world (North Korea, Germany, USA, the American company on The Royal Caribbean Lines).

His most recent efforts include “Aladin, Il Musical Geniale” as assistant choreographer to Rita Pivano, dance captain in a series of recent musical theatre productions such as “Turandot”, “La Regina di Ghiaccio”, “Se il Tempo fosse un Gambero”, “Rapunzel”, dancer alongside Lorella Cuccarini in “Buon compleanno Pippo” and in “Domenica In” (through to December 2019).


Born in Istanbul, and at nine Sonia moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A competitive swimmer until the age of 16, she discovered and fully embraced dance as a teenager. She graduated from Richmond University in International Studies with a concentration in Russian and became dance captain of the University Dancers. After graduation she moved to Italy, where she planned to stay for only 6 months, which turned into 25 years!

At first she began to work as dancer in industrials and fashion and then TV,  as well as for special and corporate events. Sonia has choreographed numerous international team building and corporate events as well as fashion industrials.  She is also a certified and advanced yoga trainer thanks to a 200hr teacher training course attended in Berlin with Rocky Heron, Yoga Mazé. She also works as an English speaker for ads and voiceovers and as a corporate presenter.

TELEVISION: Sonia partook for four years in “CiVediamoSuRai1” and “Estate con noi in TV” as member of the ensemble and as a soloist. Between 2013 and 2014 she works as assistant choreographer for “Crozza nel Paese Delle Meraviglie” and “Italialand” (C: A. Larghi). Other TV achievements include: “Musical Awards 2014”, “Calzedonia Fashion Show”, “A Tutta Festa” with L. Cuccarini (C: F. Miseria), “Mr. Svizzera” (C: G Covre), “Zelig”, “Sono Tornato Normale” (M Rosso)”, “Italiani Nel Mondo” (C: S Ariemma), “Festival Bar”, “Musica Maestro” and “Canzoni Sotto L’albero” (C: Brian &Garrison).

THEATRE: from 2016 to 2019 she is dance captain and performs as Vivian Pressman in the new “Dirty Dancing” production D: F. Bellone C: G. Bruce). She played Sheila Bryant in “A Chorus Line” (D: S Marconi C: B Lee), Miss Kreplinski in “Promesse Promesse” (GL Guidi/S. Bontempi), the role of the teacher as well as ensemble in “We Will Rock You” (M. Colombi C: C Valli). “Se il Tempo Fosse un Gambero” by Garinei and Giovannini (G. Landi), “Toc Toc” with M. Frattini in the roles of Taparella, Brambilla and Jasmine (M. Simone e G. Bruce), “Se Stasera Sono Qui” with L. Goggi (D: Brezza C: S. Bontempi). She choreographed the original musical “70 Volte 7“ which was awarded  the PrIMO Award in 2017.


Author, arranger, composer and vocal coach for several musicals including: “We Will Rock You”, “Peter Pan Il Musical”, “Rapunzel”, “La Regina di Ghiaccio”, “Aladin il Musical Geniale” e “Pinocchio Reloaded”.

He has worked with national and international artists like Brian May, Roger Taylor, Larry Rae, Joy Malcom (Incognito), Joice Yullie, Ronnie Jones, Annalisa Minetti, Edoardo Bennato, New Trolls, Luisa Corna, Lorella Cuccarini and more.



Alessandro Chiti is a set designer. After his studies in architecture he started designing sets for numerous new and classical theatre shows, all of which achieved relevant success. Alessandro has so far worked with the likes of Salvo, Proietti, Salemme, Albertazzi, Gassman, Calenda, Marini, Carniti, Colombi, Anfuso, Venturiello, as well as with many Companies, Theatres and Festivals (Spoleto, Siracusa, Versiliana, Borgio Verezzi, Teatro Romano di Verona), designing over 400 sets to this day.

Eclectic, creative and original, his style results as being functional to a wide range of theatrical genres, from modern to classical, from musical to lyrical.

His most recent efforts in contemporary Italian prose theatre include: “La pazza della porta accanto” by Giuseppe Fava, “Stabat mater” by Antonio Tarantino, “Non mi hai più detto ti amo” by Gabriele Pignotta, ”Un momento difficile” by Furio Bordon. For classic theatre he has designed for: “La Tempesta”, “Romeo e Giulietta”, “Giulio Cesare”. For musicals he has designed for: “Rapunzel”, “La regina di ghiaccio”, “Aladin, il musical geniale”. For opera he has designed for “Werther”, “La Boheme”, “Don Pasquale” “La Vedova allegra”.

He has won several prizes and acknowledgments, among them the Italian Oscar for Musical in 2015.


FLAVIA CAVALCANTI – Costume designer

Flavia Cavalcanti is an Italo-brazilian costume designer and stylist living in Milan, Italy.

She loves to experiment, to give new life to objects, to use materials and give them an unconventional use, mixing fabric to matter, searching for new shapes and volumes.

Adventurous rides, music, night life, art and fashion are a great inspiration for her. Contamination is the keyword for her creations!

Cross-design creations and concerts for commericials, celebrities, music videos, clubs, tv, fashion shows and magazines. Just to mention a few: Philipp Plein, Audi, Calzedonia, Alfa Romeo, Vodafone, Wind, and more.

Flavia Cavalcanti is always looking for a new challenge in her fields, a journey that surprisingly never ceases to increase her desire to create.



Born in Monza, Manuela is attracted to all forms of entertainment ever since her early childhood.

In 2008 she graduates from Accedemia S.P.I.D. Milano in “Musical Performer-Tersicoreo Lirico” and immediately begins performing in a series of theatrical productions:  ”Tribute To Michael Jackson” directed by Maurizio Colombi, choreographed by Chiara Valli; “Aggiungi Un Posto A Tavola” directed by Johnny Dorelli, choreaographed by Gino Landi; “Varie-Età” directed by and starring Massimo Lopez; “GoldenCircus Festival” with Liana Orfei, directed by Gino Landi.
She simultaneously dances and acts for cinema, commercials and in conventions for brands of the likes of Samsung, Vodafone, Wind, Martini, Cartoon Network, Sweet Years, DeAgostini and Swiss Post.

In 2010 she begins her collaboration with 4Fun Entertainment as Artistic Director of several shows and special events. In 2011 Manuela begins her training in direction supporting Gianluca Guidi as assistant director in “Se Devi Dire Una Bugia Dilla Ancora Più Grossa” with Antonio Catania, Gianluca Ramazzotti  and Raffaele Pisu; “Stanno Suonando La Nostra Canzone” with Giampiero Ingrassia and Simona Samarelli; “Aggiungi Un Posto A Tavola” with Gianluca Guidi, Enzo Garinei and Emy Bergamo; “Maurizio IV” by Edoardo Erba, with Gianluca Guidi and Giampiero Ingrassia.

In 2018 she begins to specialise in artistic direction for Event Agencies, designing and direction shows for international events among which “Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt Malta 2019”. In 2019 she is assistant director to Maurizio Colombi in “Aladin, il musical geniale” with Leonardo Cecchi, Emanuela Rei and Sergio Friscia and now in “Pinocchio Reloaded – Musical di un Burattino Senza Fili”.

GIANCARLO CAPITO – Assistant Director

Singer and musician from Puglia, Giancarlo graduates in 2005 at Simone Nardini’s MTS Musical The School whilst carrying on with his singing studies with Lena Biolcati, becoming her assistant in 2010.

From 2005 to 2007 he plays Joe Vegas in “Fame” and Tito Barozzo in “Gianburrasca”.

In the 2007/2008 theatre season he works in “Scooby Doo Live On Stage”, the family musical the co-produced by Warner and Poltronissima.

In April 2008, he is back vocalist for Paolo Meneguzzi at the Eurovision Song contest in Belgrade.

From 2008 to 2010 he is production singer on Costa Crociere cruises around the world.

With “Happy Days” in 2011 he joins Compagnia della Rancia with which he plays in “Grease” from 2012 to 2014 as Sonny directed by Saverio Marconi.

In 2015 he plays in a series of mini shows with the All Crazy Company and in musicals such as “Gli Sposi Promessi” and “Dante’s Musical – La Divina Commedia” directed by Maurizio Colombi.

In 2016-2017 he is part of the “Sister Act” ensemble, playing Monsignor O’Hara and Joey directed by Saverio Marconi and produced by Viola Produzioni.

Throughout the 2017-2018 theatre season he is busy on the Italian and International scenes playing as Sam Philips and Joe Esposito in “Elvis The Musical”, directed by Maurizio Colombi.

In 2018-2019 he plays Lorenzo Il Magnifico in “Il Volo Di Leonardo” directed by Maurizio Colombi.

After graduating in Literature, Music and Performing arts with a specialisation in Modern Singing Didactics with Loretta Martinez’s VMS method, he works as performer and as vocal coach in several Italian musical schools.

Moreover from 2015 to 2017, he is an art director for VARCA HOTELS & RESORT, since 2018 he has been art director for Vision Group, a leading company in entertainment for holiday resorts  run by Valtur-Nicolaus.