The most famous and widely translated fairy tale in the world takes a walk on the wild side! Prepare to see an extraordinary and new family show, drawn from a timeless Classic yet set here and now!

A revolutionary Musical, by ALVEARE PRODUZIONI, which beats to the rhythm of teenage defiance and the shattering power of Love. 

Let Pinocchio Reloaded introduce you to a tale of love, courage and change through groundbreaking choreography, spelling scenes and gripping musical beats.

Director’s notes

When we began to image Pinocchio Reloaded, we decided to create a brand new kind of show which could appeal to and attract audiences from all walks of life and of all ages.

Incorporating prose theatre to the complex nature of musical theatre and to the kaleidoscopic dimension of disco, Pinocchio Reloaded abounds in meaningful caos, food for thought and philosophical brainwork. 

Rock, hip hop, R&B and pop mingle to traditional-style musical tunes to deliver a message that will speak to everyone, a meaningful life lesson for each one of us to ponder on. Set in a parallel steampunk-inspired, fantasy-like universe, a plausible series of events involve the heroes of the tale to reveal what truly lies within the strings that bind us to one another, to society and to our inner selves. Strings and puppets become a metaphor of the most intimate and undisclosed corners of the human heart. One condition alone enables us to let our strings loose and to be free: Love. When we fall in love we give up on our self-centred perspective and embrace a new series of strings, long and invisible strings that have our hearts flying high. 

Maurizio Colombi


  • CONCOREZZO Cineteatro San Luigi November 9th 2019 BUY TICKETS
  • BERGAMO Teatro Creberg November 16th 2019 BUY TICKETS
  • MILANO Teatro degli Arcimboldi from November 22nd
    to December 15th 2019
  • GENOVA Teatro Politeama from January 16th
    to 18th 2020
  • FIRENZE Teatro Verdi from January 23rd to 26th 2020 BUY TICKETS
  • PARMA Teatro Regio February 1st 2020 BUY TICKETS
  • ASSISI Teatro LyricK February 8th 2020 BUY TICKETS
  • SEREGNO Teatro San Rocco February 15th-16th 2020 BUY TICKETS
  • TRIESTE Teatro Rossetti from February 20th to 23rd 2020 BUY TICKETS
  • TORINO Teatro Colosseo February 29th and March 1st 2020 BUY TICKETS